BAK has introduced their new semi-automatic welding machine, MicOn, for the welding thermoplastic materials. The temperature as well as the speed can be steplessly adjusted and stays constant.

The MicOn is something completely new and innovative on the market. It is a hand tool with driving motor, meaning that the speed and temperature are adjustable by potentiometer and stay constant. The exceptional and unique thing about the MicOn is that the welding pressure has to be given to the tool manually by the welder. This happens by pushing down the two knobs on the tool. To make the guiding of the machine and giving of the pressure easier, the guidance help is available as an accessory. With this help it is possible to stand beside the tool and give the pressure while standing. In this way it is of course more practical for the welder and also ergonomic.

The main point about the MicOn is that the tool closes the gap between hand tool and automatic welding machine. For many (especially small) welding companies, the purchase of an automatic welding machine is not affordable. For this reason they can now buy the MicOn, which is available at a much lower cost than an automatic welding machine, but still is much faster than a hand welding gun.

Watch the MicOn instruction on the following link:

The technical data is available on MicOn page:

A range of accessories and digital display version are available. Please contact us at 800-345-9353 for more information.

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