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Hapco supplies a wide range of industrial welders that use heat, pressure, and air to melt thermoplastics. Our numerous plastic welding machines are used in banners, roofing, industrial fabrication, and many other industries. Explore our collection of BAK automatic welder machines, made for plastic welding and commercial roofing.

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Popular Plastic Welding Machines

Popular Plastic Welding Machines

Welding Machines Applications

Industrial welding machines are commonly used in commercial roofing, plastic welding, flooring, oil, gas, and geotextile industries to perform various types of welding jobs such as TPO welding or banner welding. These automatic welder machines can also be used for applications in other settings, such as the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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Welding Process

So how do commercial welders work? An automatic welder uses combines the use of a welding rod and a process called heat sealing.

A welding rod is inserted in the automatic welding machine and is heated to form a permanent bond with the material. Welding rods with low porosity are most effective for plastic welding because they provide higher-quality welds. Hapco, Inc. industrial welding machines can work with PE, HDPE, and PVC welding rods.

During the heat sealing process using a plastic welding machine, heat and pressure are produced by the hot air welder to create a permanent seal between the two thermoplastics. These plastic welding machines are widely used in commercial roofing, banner & TPO welding, but also in the automobile industry, and more.

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Top 6 Welding Types

Hot Gas Welding

A type of heat gun called a hot air welder produces a stream of hot air to melt and join two objects. Comparable to hot air welding, this type of welding is common on materials such as thermoplastics such as TPO or PVC.

Speed Tip Welding

After the speed tip component heats and positions the welding rod, it fuses the rod with softened plastic to form an efficient weld. This type of welding can be used by using a heat gun.

Freehand Welding

Like hot air welding, freehand welding also uses a stream of hot air to create a weld. The hot air softens the objects and the welding rod simultaneously to join them together. This is a versatile technique that works for various welding purposes.

Extrusion Welding

The welding rod is inserted into a handheld extruder, transforms into plastic material, and forms a bond between two objects that have been softened by a stream of hot air. This welding type is especially useful for welding relatively thick materials.

Contact Welding

This welding type is almost identical to speed tip welding, the only difference being that contact welding uses thermal conduction rather than electrical conduction. Heated tip components melt and combine two objects by pinching them together.

Hot Plate/Wedge Welding

Two objects are placed on opposite ends of a press while a compatible hot plate or wedge is placed between the objects. Once the objects soften by being pressed against, the hot plate or wedge is removed so the melted objects can form one larger piece.

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We buy the best welding tools and commercial welders directly from Switzerland, package them for customers, and deliver it to you for easy use or reselling. It’s a turnkey solution that makes it simple and efficient for our distributor partners.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hapco Inc. is the best partner for all your needs in heat guns, welding tools, generators, pumps and extruders.

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