BAK MicOn Edge

Semi-automatic welding machine for welding close to the corner, closes the gap between hand welding tool and automatic welding machine.

  • Welding 20mm close to the corner
  • Stable and robust design
  • Speed and temperature stepless adjustable
  • For welding thermoplastic membranes
  • Constant temperature and speed
  • Easy to handle
  • Pressure is given manually
  • Guidance is available as accessory

The MicOn Edge is very similar to the standard MicOn, only the nozzle, roller and material guide are different. Due to this small changes it is possible to weld up to 20mm close to the edge, which is a huge advantage on roofing application.

Available MicOn Edge Products:

  • MicOn Edge 230V – Item #6600355
  • MicOn Edge 120V – Item #6600356
  • MicOn Edge Digital 230V – Item #6600359
  • MicOn Edge Digital 120V – Item #6600360
  • MicOn Edge 230V 40mm – Item #6600375
  • MicOn Edge Digital 230V 40mm – Item #6600376
  • MicOn Edge 120V 40mm – Item #6600377
  • MicOn Edge Digital 120V 40mm – Item #66600378


  • MicOn Edge Guidance – Item #6600319


Operating Instructions:

  • BAK MicOn Edge


Spec Sheet:

BAK MicOn Edge 230V and 120V - Tech Specs

Item Number: 6600355/6600356
Voltage: 230, 120
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Power Consumption (W): 2100/1650
Max Temperature (° F): 68-1112
Speed (f/min): max. 13
Dimensions (LxWxH in): 15.75″ x 6.69″ x 12.99″
Weight (lbs): 14.99
Accessories: Special Accessories Available Upon Request