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Hapco, Inc. has been providing the best heat guns on the market for every industry. From commercial roofing to banner welding, our plastic welding guns are the reliable heating tools you are looking for. Whatever welding project you’re working on, we’ll help you choose the best industrial heat gun to execute high-quality welds.

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Popular Heat Guns

Popular Heat Guns

How Heat Guns Work

A heat gun is an electrical tool that heats air and turns it into a narrow, high-temperature stream that’s used to weld plastics. This hot, gun-like tool can also be used for other purposes, such as drying paint and thawing frozen pipes.

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BAK RiOn Heat Guns

The commercial roofing, oil, gas, and geotextile industries use heat guns primarily to weld plastics. By producing the leading industrial heat guns on the market today, BAK hot air welders and heat welders are popular among users in these industries. Here are six reasons why you should invest in a BAK heat gun such as the BAK RiOn heat gun for your industrial welding projects:


BAK industrial heat guns contain metal screws at every joint, making them more durable and less likely to crack than heating guns containing plastic screws. The metal screws of this hand welder also enable them to handle heavier-duty welding projects.


Unlike its competitors, BAK heat guns contain one circuit board. This lowers the chances of circuit board failure. Another perk of this hot gun is that the circuit board’s placement away from the hot gun’s heat source prevents the circuit from breaking down mid-weld due to overheating.


The more efficient shape of the BAK RiOn heat gun’s handle makes it easier to use than competing hand welders, and its soft grip is more comfortable to hold when performing plastic welds.


The motor carbon brushes in BAK heat guns are longer than those found in competing industrial heat welding guns. The extra surface area on the brush enhances the hand welder’s usability and extends the life of the motor by up to 20%.


Since multiple BAK industrial heat guns components are interchangeable, you can easily replace them when they malfunction or break down. Should that ever happen, Hapco Inc also offers equipment repair services for heating guns and hand welders.


BAK heat guns are the most reliable in the welding tool industry. Especially when compared to Leister heat guns, BAK heat guns are superior in terms of durability, safety, efficiency and build quality.

The Hapco Quality

Quality Comes First

We buy the best heat guns directly from Switzerland, package them for customers, and deliver it to you for easy use or reselling. It’s a turnkey solution that makes it simple and efficient for our distributor partners.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hapco Inc. is the best partner for all your needs in heat guns, welding tools, generators, pumps and extruders.

BAK vs Leister Heat guns

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