Equipment Repair Service

We want to provide you with the most reliable equipment possible but malfunctions can still happen. Our factory-trained personnel services and repairs all heat guns, generators, extruders, welders, and other products you can find on our website. Our modern, fully-equipped welder repair facility has from 120V to 480V single-phase and 3-phase power capabilities. You can count on Hapco’s after-sale services. Find one of our equipment repair facilities below.

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Equipment Support

Not sure how to best use your equipment? Hapco, Inc. provides technical support for Commercial roofing equipment, Heat guns, Blowers, Generators, Pumps, Welding machines, Locking connectors, Extruders, Industrial Fabrication, and Tents and Banners. No matter if you’re in the textile industry, supply paper products, or are in the aerospace industry, we will make sure that any support you need gets done right!

Hapco Repair & Service

Equipment Service & Repair

If you experience any equipment malfunction or breakdowns, Hapco, Inc. provides industrial equipment services and repairs every piece of equipment we sell to our customers. With trained technicians, we can provide reliable generator, heat gun, and welder repair services. We build confidence in every sale experience—both on the job site and whenever equipment gets damaged after the sale.

The Hapco Inc. Service

Throughout our 30+ years in the industry so far, our factory-trained personnel have provided heating tools, extruders, and welder repair. We service procucts from a variety of manufacturers in various markets—including several major manufacturers such as BAK, HONDA, and Winco. Our fully-equipped, modern repair facility is equipment with 120V to 480V single-phase and 3-phase power capabilities, enabling us to repair a wide range of industrial equipment.

We are also an authorized HONDA Generator and HONDA engine repair facility. This means we can provide high-quality generator repair services as well as HONDA pump repair.

Need equipment repairs done fast? We’ll provide you with a repair quote within 24 hours of your equipment arriving on our dock. Need it quicker? Visit us, and we’ll evaluate the equipment repair upon your arrival. Hapco, Inc. is one of the Largest Stocking Dealers in the industry. We handle parts for HONDA, BAK, Herz, Dohle, Demtech, and more. We can therefore provide a faster turn-around time on your equipment repairs. 

Need a training brush-up on the tools? We offer personalized training sessions at our facility to get you up to speed with the latest use instructions and best practices.

Have a service-related question you need answered? Call our service department for immediate answers to your questions.

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      Equipment Parts & Service

      Our Certified Service Centers house Hapco’s sales and certified service providers who take care of all repairs, warranty, and light service. Our Authorized Service Centers house Hapco’s sales distributors and light service repair providers who address basic service-related issues. 

      We provide parts for equipment and tools from many manufacturers such as HONDA, BAK, Herz, Dohle, Demtech, and more.

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