Looking for a reliable metal and plastic extruders? Hapco Inc has a wide range of extruder machines for all your needs. With over 30-year history and factory-trained personnel in the extrusion industry, we have serviced and repaired extruders from a variety of manufacturers including BAK extruders. Check out our extrusion welders:

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 Our range of industrial extruders is especially reliable and such extruding machines are sure to last a long time. However, we know that, when it doesn’t work as intended, it can be very bothersome to get it repaired. That’s why, in addition to extruders, we provide repair services. This way, we can accompany you in the extrusion process from start to finish! Hapco, Inc. supplies the equipment and provides technical support for all kinds of extruders. We provide extruder service and repairs for every piece of equipment we sell to our customers. We build confidence in every sale experience—both on the job site and whenever equipment gets damaged after the sale.

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