Oil, Gas, & Geotextiles

Hapco has extensive experience with businesses evolving in the oil, gas and geotextile industry. We know that oil and gas companies need extruders, welding machines, and many other industrial tools on a daily basis. You are sure to find reliable extruder machines and wedge welders. With our over 30-year history and factory-trained personnel, we have serviced and repaired extruders and heat tools made for the oil, gas and geotextile industry throughout various markets. Check out some of our products below.

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Oil, Gas, & Geotextile Products

Our heat welding products are made in Switzerland and are sure to last a very long time. Check out our range of extruders, wedge welders, and heat guns.

Equipment Support

Hapco, Inc. supplies the equipment and provides technical support for the Oil & Gas industry as well as the geotextile industry We supply all related products such as extruders, heat welders, generators etc.

In addition, Hapco Inc. provides, services, and repairs every piece of equipment we sell to our customers. We build confidence in every sale experience—both on the job site and whenever equipment gets damaged after the sale.

Well pad fabrication

Well Pad Fabrication & Installation Tools

A quality well pad installation is key. Your crew should be armed with top-quality liner materials and heat tools to ensure quality welds that withstand daily wear and tear. Difficult weather conditions will no longer alter your need to be productive on the job. When working with a timeline that isn’t flexible, you need one piece of equipment that works in all kinds of weather. Hapco has those versatile products. We can provide high-quality welders and heat tools for pond liners, and all your other construction needs for the geotextile, gas and oil industry.

Primary & Secondary Containment Tools

We understand the critical nature of containing gas or diesel leaks on well pads. That’s why we supply you with reliable welding equipment and heating tools to combine berming with efficiency and precision. As a well pad liner manufacturer, you can therefore now rest easy! Hapco Inc has got your back!

Plastic welding
pond liner with gravel and sand

Pond Liner Tools

Like oil well liners, high quality welding and heating tools are critical for pond liners to avoid leaks. Our heat tools for plastic welding jobs are unmatched and always get the job done in an efficient and precise way. Don’t search any further! We’ve got all the heating tools you need for the geotextile industry.

Find out more about plastic welding in our dedicated article on the fundamentals of plastic welding.

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