Hapco, Inc. uses top-rated generators to power everything from RVs, heat guns, high-pressure blowers and everything in between. To ensure we use clean power and have enough wattage to run necessary equipment under a steady load, we only use high-quality, commercial generators that are sized according to every job. We supply Honda and Winco generators, trusted brands that manufacture elite generatorsand produce the power industrial workers need.

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Both Honda generators and Winco industrial generators are known for their fuel efficiency. With a minimum of 6.8 hours run time for our smallest portable generator, and up to 14.8 hours with the EG4000 Honda Generator, you know you will get the most out of a full fuel tank and stay powered throughout the day. Our Winco and Honda generators for sale are the best in the market.

Honda Generator
Honda Generator EU2200i

High Quality

When it comes to commercial generators, getting a high-quality generator, that won’t break down mid-day, is essential. That’s why Hapco Inc. supplies Honda generators, known for their reliability, as well as Winco generators, known for their trustworthiness. By having high-quality portable generators, you are able to use heat guns and automatic welders simultaneously and complete jobs faster and easier than ever before. At the end of the day, we credit these industrial generators for helping us provide the geotextile, commercial roofing, and oil & gas industries with the reliable heat tools they need.

Our Range of Generators

Whether you need it for household or industrial purposes, a reliable indoor or outdoor generator keeps the power on for all your electrical needs. Check out the three main generator types we offer at Hapco, Inc.

Portable Generators

A portable generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. As portable devices, these smaller generators are lightweight and easy to use. They’re typically fueled by either gas or diesel. Portable generators can be used practically anywhere other than in enclosed areas and help provide power during outages.

When it comes to industrial portable generators, you can trust that Hapco Inc has the range you need for your worksite. Powerful, reliable and easy to use, our portable generators will satisfy all your power needs.

RV Generators

Want reliable power on the go? An RV generator is what you need. This device can run on gas, diesel, or propane and powers all your RV appliances, from refrigerators to washing machines and lights. While RV generators can be portable, they’re generally located in a built-in generator compartment.

Hapco Inc supplies a wide range of generators, including Honda RV generators such as the Honda EU2200i generator.

Super Quiet Generators

We don’t simply supply quiet generators. Our super quiet generators are equipped with advanced technology, known as inverter technology, designed to produce less noise than other generator types. Inverter generators include components such as smaller engines and lower RPMs and alter the generator’s engine speed based on the load size of each job.

This process results in quiet generators because the engine doesn’t run at a constant high speed for every load. Hapco supplies a wide range of Honda quiet generators.

For example, the Honda generator Eu2200i and EU3200i are both great in that aspect and can quietly get you through your projects!

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Honda & Winco Generators

As widely recognized brands, both Honda and Winco manufacture reliable, long-lasting commercial generators. Winco produces state-of-the-art, USA-made products for all your generator needs. Honda provides reliable power you can trust year-round. This brand’s fuel-efficient generators are known for their quiet operation—like the popular eu2200i Honda generator featuring super quiet technology.

winco generator

Generators FAQ

Have a question about generators? Check out our FAQs below to find the answer.

What generator is best for commercial use?

We recommend using either Honda or Winco generators for commercial use because both brands produce high-quality, durable products. The Honda generator EB10000 for example is a great choice for its fuel efficiency and battery capacity.

What size generator is needed to power a house?

From bedroom lights to wall outlets, your home requires reliable electricity to power all your daily activities. We recommend investing in a large dual fuel 10,000-watt unit for homes. With its 12,000 watts, the Winco generator WL12000K for example is a great choice as a home generator.

Which generator is best for home use?

The Honda EU2200i model is the best generator option for household use. Not only is this model lightweight, but it’s also equipped with super quiet technology for near-silent operation. This generator provides stable power to operate household appliances, including TVs and coffee pots.

The Hapco Quality

Quality Comes First

We buy the best heating tools and equipment direct from Switzerland, package them for customers, and deliver it to you for easy use or reselling. It’s a turnkey solution that makes it simple and efficient for our distributor partners.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hapco Inc. is the best partner for all your needs in heat guns, welding tools, generators, pumps and extruders.

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