By removing excess water and debris, pumps keep your space clean and protect it from costly damage. Two factors to consider when choosing a pump are capacity and power. Pump capacity is the maximum amount of liquid the pump can move. Power, measured in HP, measures the rate at which the device pumps water. Check out the guide below to learn about the pump types offered at Hapco, Inc.

Our Range of Pumps

Whether your basement floor is covered with standing water or you spilled paint cans at a home renovation site, our durable pumps will restore your space to its proper condition. Take a look at the four pump types featured in our product collection.

Honda Pump WSP33

Submersible Pumps

Also called sump pumps, submersible pumps are designed to be submerged in water. The pump sits in a sump basin and removes water that accumulates in it. Submersible pumps are more efficient than other pump types because they push water up and out rather than pulling water down and spitting it out. Our submersible pumps are equipped with a watertight motor that protects the electrical components from water damage.

Water Pumps

Water pumps remove water from basements floors, roofs, and other surfaces to prevent or minimize water damage. Unlike submersible pumps, water pumps remove water by pulling it in and expelling it outside. These devices should not be submerged in a water-filled sump basin because they aren’t equipped with a watertight motor.

Water pump
Honda Pump WT30

Trash Pumps

When you need to remove water that contains debris—such as twigs, rocks, leaves, and sludge—a trash pump will get the job done. Since trash pumps don’t get clogged during the debris removal process, they can tackle heavy-duty jobs. In addition, some trash pumps are submersible, meaning they can pump water filled with smaller debris, like grass and sand.

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps expand and contract rhythmically with the steady water flow. The pump sucks in water during expansion and expels it outside during contraction. Diaphragm pumps are ideal for jobs where a significant amount of water, debris, or other substances—including grease, paint, and chemicals—need to be removed.

diaphragm pump

Honda Pumps

Hapco exclusively supplies Honda pumps. This trusted name brand manufactures durable, high-quality pumps that get the job done every time. Our Honda pumps are fuel-efficient, user-friendly, and quiet. When you need a pump to tackle the toughest jobs, Honda is the brand you can trust.


Whether you run a homebuilding business or provide local plumbing services, our versatile Honda pumps assist workers across industries. Our pumps are also effective for household use, such as removing water from your basement after heavy rainfall. Some of those industries include: