Plastic Welding – Industries & Applications

If you’re in the market for a welding machine that combines plastic materials, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn what plastic welding is, what it’s used for, and what to consider before investing in a plastic welder. What Is Plastic Welding? Plastic welding—also called thermoplastic welding—is used in diverse industries. The method involves the welding plastic

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TPO Welding – The Complete Guide

Do you need to complete a welding job but don’t know what material or tools to use? The Hapco team is here to help. Keep reading to learn about TPO welding, its benefits, and what tools do the job best. What is TPO? TPO—which stands for thermoplastic polyolefin—is a single-ply white membrane used for commercial and residential roofing jobs. The
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BAK Heat Guns VS Leister Heat Guns

BAK Heat Guns BAK has been the trusted name in commercial roofing tools and equipment for over 20 years. Each heat welding gun is designed and crafted in the Switzerland headquarters before being shipped to customers worldwide. As the top Swiss brand, BAK is committed to providing customers with quality plastic welding products and exceptional customer service. BAK Heat Guns
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Celebrating Matt Barlow: 25 Years at Hapco!

Congratulate Matt Barlow on 25 Years at Hapco! Long before February 10, 1997, when Matt Barlow began working  at Hapco, Inc., he was a neighborhood paperboy. Then a local contractor hired him to seal and coat asphalt around town. After working seven years as a carpet installer following the asphalt laying job, work dried up. It was then he knew

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The New BAK LarOn 21

This year BAK introduced the automatic welding machine LarOn 21. The new features are the following: Maximum welding speed is 68 fpm Integrated GPS tracker Telescoping / folding T-handle Incoming voltage test mode Lockable airflow potentiometer   Watch the LarOn 21 video: The technical data is available on LarOn 21 page:https://hapcoinc.com/product/bak-laron-21/ Please contact us at 800-345-9353 for more information.


The New BAK MicOn Edge

This year BAK introduced the new semi automatic welding machine Micon Edge at the International Roofing Expo 2020. The MicOn Edge is very similar to the standard MicOn, only the nozzle, roller and material guide are different. Due to this small changes, it is possible to weld up to 20mm close to the edge, which is a huge advantage on

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The New BAK MicOn

BAK has introduced their new semi-automatic welding machine, MicOn, for the welding thermoplastic materials. The temperature as well as the speed can be steplessly adjusted and stays constant. The MicOn is something completely new and innovative on the market. It is a hand tool with driving motor, meaning that the speed and temperature are adjustable by potentiometer and stay constant.

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BAK April News Update

WeldOn/WeldOn S It is now possible to turn the heater tube 360°. With this improvement it is possible to make a perfect weld in counters and with difficult access to the welding area. The team at BAK are sure that now with this innovation we have the best welding gun in the market. From now on the two versions WeldOn

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Fundamental Information About Plastic Welding

WORTH KNOWING! (Some tips from our friends at BAK Switzerland) Some fundamental information about plastic welding:  It is only possible to weld together the same materials (PE with PE, PP with PP, etc.). The most important for a good welding are 3 parameters: speed, temperature and pressure. If one of these parameters is not correctly set, the welding will not

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Hapco Inc Participating in the GAF Hire A Hero

GAF has been partnering with ProTrain to build GAF Roofing Academy, a 4 week-long program providing a course in roofing that covered terminology, safety, hands on steep slope installation, hands on training for low slope roofing with single ply PVC and TPO roofing membrane, estimating, and an opportunity to meet GAF Master Elite® Contractors and distributors specifically for veterans. GAF

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