BAK RoofOn: How to Use & Repair

Looking for the right plastic welder for your next commercial roofing project? Look no further than the BAK RoofOn and BAK RoofOn Edge.

These automatic welders are equipped with the most advanced welding technology to ensure reliable operation from start to finish. They also feature continuous speed, temperature, and airflow adjustment capabilities. As the smallest roofing welder for welding all thermoplastic roof materials—including PVC and TPO—the BAK RoofOn works for all kinds of plastic welding projects.

Want to learn more about how the BAK RoofOn can benefit you? Keep reading to find out.

How to Use the BAK RoofOn Automatic Welder

Basic BAK RoofOn Commands

BAK RoofOn automatic welding machine front

1. How to start the device

Toggle the power switch to the on position to allow cool air to begin circulating through the automatic welder.

2. How to adjust the temperature

Dial the red knob on the back of the automatic welder to the desired temperature. Press the black toggle switch located next to the red temperature knob to heat the element. The automatic welder should reach full temperature in three to five minutes.

3. How to halt operation

Toggle the automatic welder power switch to the off position to allow cool air to circulate through the machine. Once the heating element blows cool air—which usually occurs in three to five minutes—turn the green power switch to the off position.

Optimal Settings

Knowing the optimal settings for your BAK RoofOn welder is essential for effective operation. Here are the key settings to implement so you can avoid common mistakes.

  • Use a power supply of 240 volts
  • Use a generator with at least 7,500 watts
  • Ensure you have a plug wired to the power cable during the initial setup
  • Set the black air flow knob—located to the left of the power switch—to the full power setting
  • Adjust the welder’s speed by turning the black speed knob—located directly above the black air flow knob—to the left or the right

BAK RoofOn Maintenance & Repair Tips

While the BAK RoofOn has an average life expectancy of up to thousands of operation hours, every device needs a little TLC from time to time. When your BAK RoofOn experiences malfunctions or breakdowns, here’s what you can do to restore operation.

Welder Maintenance

  • Clean the welding nozzle with a wire brush
  • Check the power cable and plug for electrical and mechanical damage
  • Ensure proper unit storage

Watch this video for our tips on how to adjust the nozzle pitch.

Welding Equipment Repairs

  • Get your welder checked by an authorized service center every 1,000 operating hours

Common Device Issues

  • Worn-down brushes and springs
  • Damaged power cord
  • Dirty air intake filter, which causes overheating

How to Solve Them

Our factory-trained personnel service and repair both the BAK RoofOn and BAK RoofOn Edge. Whether you need a spare part or a full device overhaul, our reliable after-sale services have you covered. Find an equipment repair facility near you to get started.

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What to Do When Your Automatic Welder Is Broken

BAK machine repair services

Keep the following spare parts on hand in case your Automatic Welder breaks.

  • Overlap welding nozzle 20 mm
  • Overlap welding nozzle 30 mm
  • Overlap welding nozzle 40 mm
  • Rounded head screw M4x12, Torx
  • Rounded head screw M4x16, Torx
  • Mica tube
  • Heating element gasket
  • Heating element 120 V, 2600 W
  • Heating element 240 V, 3300 W
  • Push rod tightener
  • Fastening angle
  • Rounded head screw M5x20, Torx
  • Centring
  • Guide roller
  • Centring disc
  • Wheel centring
  • Countersunk screw M6x20m, Allen
  • Silicon rubber ring, pressure roller, 20 mm
  • Silicon rubber ring, pressure roller, 30 mm
  • Silicon rubber ring, pressure roller, 40 mm
  • Silicon rubber ring, drive roller

If you’re unsure about how to fix your broken device, contact us for assistance.

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30+ Years as the Leading Heat Tools Supplier

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new BAK RoofOn or RoofOn Edge or your current device requires repairs, Hapco is here to help. We supply all of our plastic welding machines from the most reputable manufacturing brands—like BAK and Honda—so you can buy with confidence every time.

We also service and repair all BAK products that are purchased from Hapco. If your equipment malfunctions or breaks down, our factory-trained personnel have you covered. Just send us your defective device, and we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours of receiving it. If you require a quicker turnaround time, visit us in person at a repair facility near you. We believe that no automatic welder is beyond repair. Our team even salvaged a BAK LarOn welder that endured a blazing truck fire. That’s how far our expertise goes.

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