Industrial Air Blowers

Hapco, Inc. supplies a wide range of industrial heater blowers and high pressure blowers for all your construction and industrial needs. From commercial roofing to the packaging and the automotive industry, a heat blower can be used for many purposes, especially with the BAK brand. Discover our hot air blower range today.

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Popular Heat Blowers

2 Types of Air Blowers

Hot Air Blower

A hot air blower—sometimes called an industrial heater blower or simply a heat blower—is a handheld device used for various industrial heating purposes. Like heat guns, hot air blowers heat and blow air to weld thermoplastics used in commercial roofing for example. Hot air blowers provide convenient, continuous operation, and you can adjust the temperature as needed.

High Pressure Blower

High-pressure blowers are devices that create an intense blast of air. They can be used for everything from cleaning dust off machinery to assisting in metalworking. Unlike hot air blowers, high-pressure blowers aren’t air heaters—meaning they don’t produce heat.

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Blowers Applications

Both hot air and high-pressure blowers are used in various industries for varying purposes. Check out the guide below for a comprehensive breakdown:

Packaging Industry


Medical technology
Food & drinks


Heating up aluminum tubing
Heating up shrink tunnel
Warming foam
Accelerating mixing
Shrinking safety rings
Shrinking wrappers
Sterilizing test needles
Drying printing ink
Shrinking seal
Welding PE foil bags

Automotive Industry


Automobile manufacture
Automobiles suppliers
OEM Customers


Activating hotmelt adhesive
Curing adhesive
Heating up gear rings
Burning-in paint after pad printing and removing coating
Hot air riveting car door interior paneling
Separating and simultaneous welding plastic fabrics
Bending and bonding interior door panels
De-flashing of Angel Air from Extruded parts
Exhaust Particulate Filtration

Air Blower FAQ

How does a heat blower work?

Industrial heat blowers draw air through a filter to remove dust particles or other contaminants. The air is then heated to the desired temperature by passing it either over a heating element. This hot air is blown over the product that needs to be dried or cooled using an axial fan.

Where are blowers produced?

Our range of both high-pressure blowers and heat blowers are produced in Switzerland.

What is thermocouple placement?

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor used in industrial heating to measure the amount of heat produced by a heating device. Thermocouple placement is the process of choosing where to place the thermocouples on a given element. A typical thermocouple placement is through the center of the element until it extends just past the end of the element. This process is important because it affects how accurate your temperature readings will be.

What are some blower best practices?

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when operating a blower:

Avoid overheating
Maintain a moderate pressure
Clean the device to ensure it remains in working condition
Use an accurate thermometer for temperature regulation
Ensure adequate device ventilation

The Hapco Quality

Quality Comes First

We buy the best heating tools and equipment direct from Switzerland, package them for customers, and deliver it to you for easy use or reselling. It’s a turnkey solution that makes it simple and efficient for our distributor partners.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hapco Inc. is the best partner for all your needs in heat guns, welding tools, generators, pumps and extruders.

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