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With over 30-year of experience in commercial roofing and factory-trained personnel, Hapco is the roofing tools supplier you need. We can provide all the roofing tools and equipment you need and get you started with your big project. You need roofing supplies outside the United States? You’re in luck. Hapco also delivers commercial roofing tools and solutions across Canada and Mexico. You can also save by registering as a GAF contractor!

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Roofing Products

We are committed to delivering the best roofing tools and accessories in North America. From heat guns to automatic welding machines, we can provide any roofing equipment necessary for your worksite. Check out our range of heat guns, welding machines and generator kits!

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Quality First

Hapco, Inc. supplies top-of-the-line BAK roofing tools and equipment directly from the manufacturer in Switzerland. We package the roofing equipment ourselves and deliver them to customers to ensure that they receive the best possible product quality and customer service. This turnkey solution makes the process simple and efficient for our distributor partners.

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Customer Support

Hapco, Inc. also roofing tool services and provides technical support for every product that we sell. If the distributor completes a repair, we reimburse them. It doesn’t get any easier than that. We couldn’t be any easier to work with for your or our distributors. With Hapco, confidence is built into every sale, not just on the jobsite, but after the sale when your equipment gets damaged.

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