Industrial Heaters

For over 30 years, Hapco has serviced and repaired industrial heaters from various product manufacturers across industries. Our factory-trained personnel provides customers with all types of commercial heaters, hot air heaters, hand welders, and more. Whatever kind of commercial or industrial heater you need for your business, Hapco can supply it.

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Types of Industrial Heaters

When determining which industrial heater is best for the application at hand, consider the following heater types we offer:

Types XS, S, & M

Types XS, S, and M industrial air heaters are constructed with flexible materials and feature reliable configuration and dimensions. Hapco carries the XS20, XS21, S21, S32, S36, M50, and M50L hot air heaters models. These types are best for more precise plastic welding.

Types L & XL

While both our L and XL commercial heaters are equipped with a power control system, we have options that come with and without an integrated power unit. Hapco carries the L62 and XL92 hot air heater models. These types of industrial heaters have more power and are highly reliable.

Type PH

The Hapco industrial air heater collection includes the PH62 and PH92 models which are hot air heaters with an external air supply operated by blower or compressed air.

All our other BAK Industrial Heaters

Browse our collection of industrial heaters to find the right product for your heating needs. Our BAK compact products feature variable temperature and airflow settings as well as integrated tool protection.

BAK Industrial Blowers & Heaters

From hot air heaters to hot cleaners, BAK is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial heaters and industrial air heaters. As a trusted brand based in Switzerland, BAK has earned a reputation for excellence in the manufacturing of hot air heaters. In addition to being characterized by quality performance and easy process integration, BAK industrial heaters are known for their durable, compact design and reliable, continuous operation.

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Quality Tools

Hapco, Inc. is the ideal solution for all of your industrial heating tool needs. We carry reputable, high-quality BAK hot air heaters. These products are multifunctional due to their modular design and easy maintenance.

New & Innovative Products

BAK takes pride in constantly developing new and innovative industrial heaters while improving existing ones. BAK products can be customized to meet and exceed all your heater and blower needs.

Industrial Heater Applications

Whatever your intended application for an industrial heater is, the Hapco team will help find the hot air heater that best meets your needs. We can also tailor a product specifically for your business for optimal results. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing which industrial blower or hot air heater to get:

Heater Type

Do you need an M, XL, PH, or another industrial heater type?

Heater Size

How much space do you have to use and store the air heater?

Intended Use

Do you plan to use the industrial heater for melting, shrinking, welding, or another application?

Available Power

How much power can your workspace supply to your industrial heater?

Required Heat

How much heat do you need the heater to produce?


The versatility of industrial air heaters makes them a valuable tool to have on hand. Here are several more ways to use a heater:






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