Fundamental Information About Plastic Welding

(Some tips from our friends at BAK Switzerland)

Some fundamental information about plastic welding:

  •  It is only possible to weld together the same materials (PE with PE, PP with PP, etc.).
  • The most important for a good welding are 3 parameters: speed, temperature and pressure. If one of these parameters is not correctly set, the welding will not be good.
  • It is advisable to do a short test welding every time before the real welding to make sure that the above mentioned parameters are set correctly.
  • The ambient temperature can have a huge impact on the welding parameters. For example: if it is really hot in summer, you may need to choose a lower welding temperature or you can go a little bit faster than in the cold.
  • Good quality tools to work with are the key to do a good welding job.

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