BAK RiOn: How to Use & Repair

No roofing project can be completed without a high-quality hand welder for field seams and detail areas. That’s where the BAK RiOn comes in.

This device is the leading heat gun model that’s produced by the industry’s most reputable manufacturer, BAK. As a result, the BAK RiOn is used widely across industries to perform efficient plastic welds. It’s compatible with various heat gun accessories, making it extremely versatile. It’s durable yet lightweight—making it easy to maneuver—and reliable for extended use on roofing and other plastic welding projects.

Want to learn how to operate, maintain, and repair the BAK RiOn with safety in mind? Keep reading.

How to Use the BAK RiOn

Here are the four most important things you need to know about how to use this heat gun.

Basic Commands

BAK RiOn on/off switch

1. How to start the device

Push the power toggle switch to the on position to allow cool air to start circulating through the nozzle.

2. How to adjust the temperature

Adjust the red dial to your desired temperature. The device will reach the temperature setting in just three to five minutes.

3. How to turn off the potentiometer

Turn off the potentiometer and allow the unit to cool for two to three minutes before stopping the device.

4. How to stop the device

Push the power toggle switch to the off position.

BAK RiOn Maintenance

Just like any piece of equipment, the BAK RiOn is bound to malfunction or sustain damages at some point. Thankfully, this heat gun is extremely maintenance friendly. Take a look at the top four most common issues with the BAK RiOn, along with some maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

Common BAK RiOn Issues

  1. Worn-down brushes and springs
  2. Damaged power cord
  3. Dirty air intake filter, which causes overheating
  4. Clogged or damaged heating element

Heat Gun Maintenance & Repair Tips

One way to maintain and repair your BAK RiOn is to utilize the proper tools.

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Tweezers
  • Line cord
  • T-10 torx screwdriver
  • T-20 torx screwdriver
  • Pocket screwdriver
  • Compressed air

Need professional help with repairs and other tune-up services? We’ve got you covered.

What to Do When Your Heat Gun Is Broken

You may need to acquire additional parts when performing welding equipment repairs. If you’re unsure whether you need additional parts—like a heating element replacement—contact our team for troubleshooting assistance.

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30+ Years as the Leading Heat Tools Supplier

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new BAK RiOn or need service or repairs performed on your current device, Hapco Inc. will meet your heating tool needs. We supply all of our products from reputable manufacturing brands like BAK and Honda, so you can buy with confidence every time.

We also service and repair all BAK products that are purchased from Hapco. If your equipment malfunctions or breaks down entirely, our factory-trained personnel have you covered. Simply send us your defective device, and we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours of receiving it.

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