Delivering the Best Service and Support Solidifies Long-term Customer Relationships

Wimsatt Building Materials chose to carry Hapco, Inc. products not just because of how they perform in the field, but because of the company’s superior service and support.

Michigan-based Wimsatt Building Materials is a distributor of building products and sells a lot of materials for low- and steep-slope roofing. Dave Karras, marketing manager at Wimsatt is familiar with the need to tell his company’s story in terms of service. “When most of what you sell is a commodity item, like products and tools, a business must differentiate themselves through service and support,” explained Karras.

It’s because they understand the importance of service and relationships that they chose to partner with Hapco, Inc. and carry their line of BAK welders. “Hapco strives to provide a higher level of service than other tool manufacturers that we have worked with in the past,” explained Karras. “We are also impressed with their industry exclusive 3-year warranty on their tools, and we’ve never had any issues with the products.”

Karras says that Hapco is also very proactive about educating contractors and Wimsatt staff about their products and how to use them. “We partnered with them earlier this year to do demos for contractors in our multiple locations,” said Karras. “Both Tony and Shari Carlozzi spent time with our sales team as well to educate them about the different products.”

“We are committed to ensuring the best customer experience possible,” explained Shari Carlozzi, National Sales Manager of the Roofing Division at Hapco, Inc. “We don’t just talk about outstanding service and support, we deliver it.”

Wimsatt was able to show contractors the new BAK RoofOn Edge robotic welder that has the ability to go in a circle, meaning it can weld a pipe boot. “This can speed up a job, reduce strain on the crew since they aren’t bending over to hand weld and it delivers a consistent weld every time. It’s a great tool for higher volume contractors,” stated Karras.

The feedback from the field about the BAK welders has been positive as well says Karras. “Some of our commercial territory managers have heard grumblings from the field about issues they have experienced with other handheld welders. The BAK hand welders are performing better than the others in the field in terms of not breaking down and not needing service.”

“I can’t say enough about the Hapco team; they have been great to work with,” concluded Karras.

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