Battery Powered Heat Guns – Are They Worth It?

Thinking about adding a battery powered heat gun to your tool arsenal but want to know if the investment is worth it? Whether you need it for a commercial roofing project or banner welding, Hapco, Inc. has exactly what you need. Read on to see why a battery powered heat gun is worth your time and money. 

What Are Battery Powered Heat Guns?

Battery powered heat guns are handheld tools that generate hot air that’s directed through the nozzle. You can use it to heat and thaw frozen pipes, dry paint, and weld plastic materials. Compared to traditional heat guns, battery powered heat guns offer greater portability and can operate without the need for an external energy supply. 

Battery powered heat guns are ideal for quick weld jobs, averaging a run time of about 45 minutes. They also feature convenient backpack storage for the battery pack so you can take it wherever you need it. 

Battery Powered Heat Guns Specificities

See what makes a battery powered heat gun worth adding to your tool set. 


Since they don’t need an external power source, handheld battery power heat guns are much easier to operate and convenient to carry. Make quick repairs easier and complete small jobs faster. Their size and versatility also make battery powered heat guns more capable of making corrections and detailing. 


Time is money, and it pays to be more efficient. Battery powered heat guns might not be as powerful as their traditional counterparts—but they still offer high power for efficient welds. They also allow you to complete jobs without needing to adjust your position mid-weld. This makes them great for various tasks, including TPO and PVC welding, roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic fabricating, and more. 

Run time

Have some quick corrections you need to make? Grab a battery powered heat gun. With a battery life of about 45 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to get the job done. Even if you need it for longer, these handheld tools are easy to recharge. It’ll even signal you when the battery is low. Because of its battery life, you shouldn’t try to complete a full commercial roofing project. 

The Leading Product in the Industrial Heat Gun Market

Does a battery powered heat gun sound exactly like what you need? Get yours today! Contact us or one of our product distributors in your area to get started. BAK’s best-selling battery powered heat gun—the BAK LiiOn—is expertly designed to make all your projects more convenient and efficient from start to finish. It’s easy to carry around as you move between projects to make quick corrections as needed.

You can learn more about our collection of industrial heat guns here.

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