WeldOn/WeldOn S

It is now possible to turn the heater tube 360°. With this improvement it is possible to make a perfect weld in counters and with difficult access to the welding area.

BAK WeldOn

BAK Weldon

The team at BAK are sure that now with this innovation we have the best welding gun in the market. From now on the two versions WeldOn and also WeldOn S will only be available with this improvement. The product numbers remain the same.

ComOn 2

BAK has made an additional improvement on the ComOn 2 as well. The slide bearing for the forward- and back driving of the hot wedge is now a ball bearing and is running on a smoothed rail. Thereby it is now easier to move the wedge.

BAK Weldon S
BAK Common 2

As this improvement also has a big impact on the clamping arm, it is unfortunately not possible to adapt old versions of the ComOn 2 to the new system. For this reason, there are new product numbers for the improved ComOn 2.

#6600304 Comon 2 230v/1700W with linear sliding bearing and grinded rail

#6600295 Comon 2 230V/1700W low with linear sliding bearing and grinded rail


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