BAK Heat Guns VS Leister Heat Guns

BAK Heat Guns vs Leister Heat Guns

While Leister has historically been recognized as the industry’s standard brand for heat guns, alternative brands—such as BAK—have given Leister a run for its money in recent years. Let’s see why customers prefer BAK heat guns over Leister heat guns.

BAK Heat Guns

BAK has been the trusted name in commercial roofing tools and equipment for over 20 years. Each heat welding gun is designed and crafted in the Switzerland headquarters before being shipped to customers worldwide. As the top Swiss brand, BAK is committed to providing customers with quality plastic welding products and exceptional customer service.

BAK RiOn heat gun


As the market’s top choice in plastic welding tools, BAK hot air welders are more readily available for purchase than Leister heat guns.

In addition, BAK boasts more heat guns models and personalization options than Leister heat guns, which makes it easier for contractors to customize their roofing tools to their exact needs.


As the top plastic welder manufacturer in the business, BAK produces heat guns that are crafted with an intentional and detailed design. Each heat gun from BAK is made with high-quality materials, making them much more durable than Leister heat guns.

No wonder they are the industry’s most reliable and durable heat welding guns on today’s market. Below are the features that give BAK heat welders the upper hand over Leister heat guns:


Every BAK heat gun is crafted with strong metal screw containers that are less likely to strip away with frequent use. On the other hand, Leister heat guns are made with plastic screw containers that easily wear down and form cracks.

Longer Carbon Brushes

The heat gun’s brushes extend the motor’s life and result in less frequent repairs and replacements than a Leister welder.

Single Circuit Board

By putting less pressure on the motor and fan components, the single circuit board makes BAK heat guns less likely to fail mid-weld. Leister heat guns have multiple circuit boards which increases the device’s likelihood of the heat-welding gun failing mid-weld because too much pressure is put on the motor and fan components.


BAK hot air welders are known for their usability. That’s why they’re recommended for beginners and amateurs in the plastic welding industry. Here are a few primary factors that make BAK heat guns more usable than Leister heat guns:

Handheld & Industrial

BAK manufactures both handheld and industrial plastic welding guns. Hand welding guns allow for simple, manual on/off operations.

Both traditional and battery-powered heat guns are relatively easy to maneuver and control, making them more secure during operation.

Handheld BAK heat guns also feature an ergonomic soft-grip handle that provides greater comfort for users. Leister heat guns are not as comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time.


While Leister heat guns can be portable, they usually lack performance compared to traditional plastic welders.

On another hand, BAK heat guns are compatible with various welding nozzles, all of which focus the weld more precisely. They also have interchangeable internal components. This makes repairing and replacing worn down or damaged parts much simpler.

Finding interchangeable parts for Leister heat guns is hit or miss. Your only option may be to buy a new plastic welding gun.

Safety & Protection

BAK welders feature a double-insulated power cord, allowing for safer plastic welding operations.

In addition, and thanks to the Swiss make, BAK heat guns are sturdier, which fewer plastic pieces used in the structure of the hot air blowers.


Leister heat guns have one air filter on each side which may block proper airflow. This placement can cause motor burnout and produce cold welds. On another hand, BAK heat guns’ air filter is located at the back of the too, which makes them more reliable than Leister guns.

This placement creates a straight line of unrestricted airflow throughout the weld. Not only does this provide a more reliable plastic weld, but it also protects the device against excess heat build-up and increases overall productivity.

BAK heat guns also have higher wattage, which makes them more powerful while Leister heat guns are weaker and more likely to wear down or fail altogether.

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