BAK ExOn 2

  • All high tech extruders are built using the new “Flicker regulations”
  • Decisively less wear parts than other extruder brands
  • Each extruders’ main screw and cylinder barrel are made out of tempered steel
  • Patented temperature measurement system by Dohle (Germany). The thermocouple is located inside the mass barrel on the outlet, guaranteeing a perfect temperature
  • Cold start protection by mass and air temperature
  • Set and actual temperature displayed at the same time
  • Auto air types exceed the specified minimum air quantity of 300 l/min
  • All types can be upgraded with a revolving head with integrated preheat nozzle to weld in any direction
  • No wear parts on the rod feed system
  • Lower weight due to the use of light weight materials
  • Integrated thermo – blocker protects the drive machines
  • Rotatable handle
  • Longer lifetime
  • Less wear parts
  • Easier maintenance


Operating Instructions:


Spec Sheet:

  • BAK ExOn 2 Spec Sheet

Tech Specs

Voltage V 230
Power consumption W 3600
Frequency Hz 50/60
Output kg/h max. 2
Welding consumable 4 or 5 round
Dimensions (l x w x h)        mm       560 x 120 x 350
Weight kg 7