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Hapco Inc. supplies a wide range of high-quality plastic welding tools and power equipment for commercial roofing, industrial manufacturing, and the oil and gas industry. From heat guns to generators and pumps, we can supply any plastic welding tools to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Check out our wide range of products below and see our selection of BAK, HONDA, and Winco tools.

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We buy the best plastic welding tools and equipment directly from Switzerland, package them for customers, and deliver them to you for easy use or reselling. It’s a turnkey solution that makes it simple and efficient for our distributor partners.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hapco Inc. is the best partner for all your needs in plastic welding tools and power equipment. We can supply:

Heat Guns

Welding Machines




Heat Blowers

Industrial Heaters

Plugs & Connectors

Heating Elements

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