• NSN 4940-01-496-8808 (olive drab)
• NSN 4940-01-215-0985 (olive drab)
• NSN 5935-01-496-8808 (olive drab)
• NSN 4940-01-286-7079 (yellow)
• NSN 4920-01-343-1682 (yellow)
• NSN 5935-01-286-7079 (yellow)



The HT-71002 hot air tool is designed to operate in a potentially hazardous and explosive environment as spelled out in the United States Department of Defense MIL-STD-810E. Thousands of these tools are in service today with the U.S. Department of Defense and all major aircraft manufacturers.
Applications include—heat shrinkable tubing, solder sleeve electrical connectors, drying and curing. HT-71002 is also perfect for a variety of repair applications such as:

  • Anaerobic/Biodigesters
  • Gas and Diesel fuel pillow tanks and liners
  • Methane active landfill cover systems
  • Primary and Secondary spill containment systems including Railroad – Airline and other Industrial applications

The heat pistol is a self-contained ruggedized unit which is comprised of a high impact housing, encapsulated thermal control electronics, and a high resistance electric heat element with a graduated vernier temperature range control ambient to approximately 975 degrees Fahrenheit. The operator need not return to the control unit to make temperature adjustments. In addition to the safety airflow interlock in the control unit, the pistol incorporates two additional safety features to protect the heating element:

  • A sealed klixon, which shuts down the tool in the event of over-temperature.
  • A photocell monitors the brightness of the element to control temperature linearity and also shuts down the tool if the element is too bright. This could occur in the event the air / nitrogen supply is interrupted, cut off or the air supply line has become obstructed. These features are a back up to the airflow sensor in the control unit.


Tech Specs

Item Number   HT-71002
Voltage VAC 120 / 230
Frequency Hz 50 – 400
Power W 700
Electricity A 6 / 3
Temperature  ºF 68—975
Minimum Air Flow PSI approx 3.5
Dimensions (LxWxH) inches 16.32 x 9.51 x 8.17
Weight lbs 23