BAK Roofon Edge Automatic Welder Videos

Roofon Edge Videos

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BAK Roofon Edge Introduction and Tips on how to use it

BAK Roofon and Roofon Edge Maintenance / Troubleshooting

  • 0:10 Properly wire plug - Why am I not getting enough heat?
  • 2:29 Why am I getting cold welds?
  • 4:05 Nozzle pitch - Why am I burning membrane?
  • 5:21 Nozzle alignment - Why am I getting wringkles in the sheet?
  • 7:56 Things you should & should not touch
  • 8:40 More tips on wrinkling
  • 9:35 Common mistakes
  • 10:03 Differences between Roofon & Roofon Edge
  • 10:30 Storage tips - end of day

BAK Roofon Edge Demo: Welding Straight Line

BAK Roofon Edge Demo: Welding Circular