Gillette Standby Generator


  • SPP-180 Standby Generator
  • SPS-120 Standby Generator


  • All generator sets are USA wound, built, and thoroughly tested.  Complete production models are USA factory built.
  • Full power capacity to start up to a 5 ton A/C unit, equipped with “Easy Start” circuitry.
  • All generator sets will accept 100% rated load in one step, per NFPA-110.
  • All generators are UL-1446 & UL-2200 certified.
  • Capacitor load compensated (CLC) voltage regulation for ±3% is standard on all gen-sets.
  • Mechanical engine governor incorporates a special actuator, which allows precise ±2% frequency regulation, from no load to full load.  Built-in dual oil coolers yield longer engine service life.
  • A brushless rotating field generator design with shunt wound excitation system and available at a broad range of voltages.
  • Solid state, digital microprocessor logic and ultra-bright LED, annunciation display for different engine and generator functions, plus automatic fault shutdowns; high temp., over-crank, over-speed, under-speed, low oil, and low battery.
  • The heavy duty, rugged dry fueled engine is capable of delivering rated power at 3600 RPM (60 HZ).
  • All generator set control systems components and accessories provide a 2-year limited warranty at time of initial start-up. Optional extended warranties are available.  Generators and engines are governed by separate warranties.
  • “OPEN” Generator Sets:  There is no enclosure, so gen-set must be placed within a weather protected area, un-inhabited by humans or animals, with proper ventilation.
  • “LEVEL 2” All Aluminum Housing: Full weather protection and superior sound attenuation for specific low noise applications.  
  • New, 3 year LTD. Warranty on all Subaru dry fuel engines.