BERGS Fuel Tanks


  • BERGS Extended Fuel System
  • BERGS Dual Feed Extended Run Tank
  • BERGS III Extended Run Honda EU6500
  • BERGS III Extended Run Honda EU7000


  • Uses vacuum draw technology enabling fuel to flow seamlessly from tank to generator
  • 6 Gallon marine grade fuel tank and fuel lines are EPA compliant
  • Includes aircraft quality aluminum generator cap, fuel line, fuel gauge, fuel tank, and all required fittings
  • Does not include generator
  • 19″ L x 14″ W x 8-3/4″ H

Extended Fuel System #EU2000R - Tech Specs

Item number: EU2000R
Compatible only with the following generator makes and models:
Honda       Generac       All Power       ETQ             Champion    
EU1000i IX800 APG3101 IN800i 2000
EU2000i IX600 APG3102 INI800i

Note: We researched several types of aftermarket external fuel tanks and found this system provides the most comprehensive and reliable design