• Comparable to the LEISTER Astro
  • Electronically regulated temperature adjustable 860° F
  • Optimal price-performance relationship
  • High welding capacity, speed and quality
  • Field tested electronics, service friendly
  • Maintenance-free servo drive motor
  • Stepless adjustment of pressure, speed and temperature
  • Stable, lightweight and compact design
  • Material welding range: PE-LD, PE-HD, PE-C, PVC-P, PP, ECB, EVA, TPO
  • In April 2019, BAK updated Common 2
    The slide bearing for the forward- and back driving of the hot wedge is now a ball bearing and is running on a smoothed rail. Thereby it is now easier to move the wedge. As this improvement also has a big impact on the clamping arm, it is unfortunately impossible to adapt old versions of the ComOn 2 to the new system. For this reason, there are new product numbers for the improved ComOn 2: 6600304 (with linear sliding bearing and grinded rail) and 6600295 (low, with linear sliding bearing and grinded rail).