20 kW1 Fortress Standby Generator System



The dealer exclusive Fortress line of standby generator offers premium protection. Offering a 6 year parts, labor and travel limited warranty, the longest warranty in the industry. Also equipped with an oil warmer to help aid in cold weather starting when the temperatures drop below 30 degrees.

Losing power is nothing to worry about any more with the 20 kW1generator. When the power goes out your backup generator seamlessly provides power to your home within seconds of a power outage. Lights, TVs, washer and dryer – even two 5-ton AC units – are easily and automatically powered by a dependable commercial-grade Vanguard™ engine and our patented Symphony® II Power Management technology.

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Managed Whole House Power

Not all appliances are powered equally. Some, such as your central air conditioner, electric clothes dryer, electric stovetop, oven, or whirlpool tub, require a large amount of power to start up or operate properly.

The Symphony® II Power Management orchestrates these high-demand appliances with lower-demand items to give you true whole-house power with a smaller, more affordable generator.