The New BAK LarOn 21

March 11, 2021
BAK Laron 21

This year BAK introduced the automatic welding machine LarOn 21. The new features are the following: Maximum welding speed is 68 fpm Integrated GPS tracker Telescoping / folding T-handle Incoming voltage test mode Lockable airflow potentiometer Watch the LarOn 21 video: The technical data is available on LarOn 21 page: Please contact us at 800-345-9353 for more information.

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The New BAK MicOn Edge

June 22, 2020
BAK Micon Edge

This year BAK introduced the new semi automatic welding machine Micon Edge at the International Roofing Expo 2020. The MicOn Edge is very similar to the standard MicOn, only the nozzle, roller and material guide are different. Due to this small changes, it is possible to weld up to 20mm close to the edge, which is a huge advantage on roofing application. Watch the MicOn E in action on the following link: The technical data is available on MicOn Edge page: Please contact us at 800-345-9353 for more information.

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The New BAK MicOn

August 15, 2019

BAK has introduced their new semi-automatic welding machine, MicOn, for the welding thermoplastic materials. The temperature as well as the speed can be steplessly adjusted and stays constant. The MicOn is something completely new and innovative on the market. It is a hand tool with driving motor, meaning that the speed and temperature are adjustable by potentiometer and stay constant. The exceptional and unique thing about the MicOn is that the welding pressure has to be given to the tool manually by the welder. This happens by pushing down the two knobs on the tool. To make the guiding of the machine and giving of the pressure easier, the guidance help is available as an accessory. With this help it is possible to stand beside the tool and give the…

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BAK April News Update

April 30, 2019
BAK logo

WeldOn/WeldOn S It is now possible to turn the heater tube 360°. With this improvement it is possible to make a perfect weld in counters and with difficult access to the welding area. The team at BAK are sure that now with this innovation we have the best welding gun in the market. From now on the two versions WeldOn and also WeldOn S will only be available with this improvement. The product numbers remain the same. ComOn 2 BAK has made an additional improvement on the ComOn 2 as well. The slide bearing for the forward- and back driving of the hot wedge is now a ball bearing and is running on a smoothed rail. Thereby it is now easier to move the wedge. As this improvement also has…

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Fundamental Information About Plastic Welding

November 9, 2018
BAK logo

WORTH KNOWING! (Some tips from our friends at BAK Switzerland) Some fundamental information about plastic welding:  It is only possible to weld together the same materials (PE with PE, PP with PP, etc.). The most important for a good welding are 3 parameters: speed, temperature and pressure. If one of these parameters is not correctly set, the welding will not be good. It is advisable to do a short test welding every time before the real welding to make sure that the above mentioned parameters are set correctly. The ambient temperature can have a huge impact on the welding parameters. For example: if it is really hot in summer, you may need to choose a lower welding temperature or you can go a little bit faster than in the cold.…

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Hapco Inc Participating in the GAF Hire A Hero

August 17, 2018

GAF has been partnering with ProTrain to build GAF Roofing Academy, a 4 week-long program providing a course in roofing that covered terminology, safety, hands on steep slope installation, hands on training for low slope roofing with single ply PVC and TPO roofing membrane, estimating, and an opportunity to meet GAF Master Elite® Contractors and distributors specifically for veterans. GAF also has a program called Hire A Hero, a job board and employment resource to connect contractors and veterans. For the past 18 months, Hapco Inc has been participating in this GAF program in the NW or Seattle WA Market.  Hapco Inc has donated 6 BAK Rion hand welders for training the students. Our West Coast Sales Manager, Mark Buonincontro, teaches students how to operate the BAK Laron automatic welder,…

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Win a Rion Handwelder

May 7, 2018

Are You the fastest “gun” in the west? Fill out the form, and you could win a BAK Rion Hand Welder. Registration prizes, PLUS a $50 gift card drawing for the first 10 contestants entered. WSRCA EXPO WELDING CONTEST: The Paris Hotel and Casino WSRCA Exhibition Hall | Live Demonstration Are Monday, June 11th, 2018 4:30pm-5:00pm YES! I WANT TO ENTER THE CONTEST!!   *Please present your entry voucher to the Hapco representative at the contest to be included in the prize drawings.

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BAK LARON Welder survives truck fire and still works

April 24, 2018

The rugged and durable equipment stood up against the flames and just needed some minor cleaning and repair. Shari Carlozzi, National Sales Director at Hapco, Inc. recently told us how Tampa-based Arry’s Roofing experienced an unfortunate truck fire. Inside the truck was their BAK LARON welder. It was scorched and blackened so they sent it away to see if it was salvageable. Watch this video of Shari giving a tour of the damaged equipment, showing how the inside was intact and untouched! The welder simply needed a clean up and some new dials and buttons and will be fully functional once again. Link to video Most other equipment service centers would have considered the damage on the welder too extensive to repair and would have opted to sell a NEW…

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Delivering the Best Service and Support Solidifies Long-term Customer Relationships

April 20, 2018

Wimsatt Building Materials chose to carry Hapco, Inc. products not just because of how they perform in the field, but because of the company’s superior service and support. Michigan-based Wimsatt Building Materials is a distributor of building products and sells a lot of materials for low- and steep-slope roofing. Dave Karras, marketing manager at Wimsatt is familiar with the need to tell his company’s story in terms of service. “When most of what you sell is a commodity item, like products and tools, a business must differentiate themselves through service and support,” explained Karras. It’s because they understand the importance of service and relationships that they chose to partner with Hapco, Inc. and carry their line of BAK welders. “Hapco strives to provide a higher level of service than other…

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