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Call your Hapco Team Manager to see how you can get
$25.00 off the price of your BAK Rion hand welder
during this historic event!

Savings included on:

  • Rion Hand Welders #6600160
  • Rion and Nozzle Kits #5100726NB
  • Rion Basic Kit #6600160BK
  • Rion Deluxe Kits #6600160DK

This program is subject to change at any time. 
Please contact your Hapco/BAK sales team manager for your
BAK Pay It Forward savings now!


Midwest: Tony Buonincontro:
Mobile: 330-703-0825

Southwest: Hapco Texas: Carlos Alvarez

West Coast: Mark Buonincontro
Mobile: 425-219-0526

Southeast: Shari Carlozzi
Mobile: 3303-550-7205

Email: or


Go BAK to the Best…B.A.K.

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